Elementary excitations

Electrons, phonons and excitons in low-dimensional aperiodic system

Enrique Maciá and Francisco Domínguez-Adame

Editorial Complutense (2000)

ISBN: 84-89784-99-X

book aperiodicFrom a fundamental point of view the study of solid state matter has been traditionally based upon the notion of a periodic arrangement of atoms in space. The discovery of quasicrystals, a new type of solids which defy this standard classification, supposed a serious breakthrough in the condensed matter community. In fact, quasicrystals are neither periodically ordered like ordinary crystals, nor are they disordered or amorphous solids. In this book we aim to present a detailed study on the relationship between the aperiodic order present in quasicrystals and quasiperiodic superlattices and their related transport properties. The book is written in English.