Física del Estado Sólido

Física del Estado Sólido. Teoría y métodos numéricos

Francisco Domínguez-Adame

Editorial Paraninfo (2000)

ISBN: 84-283-2742-4

book solid state

Solid State Physics is well inside the core of Modern Physics. Computers and a number of numerical techniques are commonly used in Physics and, in particular, in Solid State Physics. The widespread use of these techniques demands a good student training even at introductory levels. The aim of this book is to present some of the basic numerical techniques and apply them in solving several  problems in Solid State Physics, as cohesion energy, lattice dynamics in nonperiodic solids, band structure of crystals, surface states, semiconductors, optical absorption and X-ray scattering. Two apendices are devoted to the introduction of numerical techniques and the C programming language.Click on the cover for further information (in Spanish).