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Mosaico Objectives

The development of the research lines will lead, with high probability, to the following results:

  • Methods for obtaining the phases of complex fluids confined in porous media or arising from the specific nature of molecular interactions.
  • Improvement in the understanding of the effects of disorder on electronic nanodevices and DNA.
  • Analysis of anomalous optical properties in molecular systems with correlated disorder and applications to organic nanodevices.
  • Proposals of rectifier devices in superconducting and magnetic nanosystems.
  • Understanding of the dynamics of films of nanometric width and application to microlubrication.
  • Analysis of the mechanisms of collective decisions in biological and social systems.
  • Mechanisms for control and minimization of segregation in granular media and its transport and handling processes in industry.
  • Alternative algorithms for genomic analysis and for designing DNA molecules with specific functions for catalysis, analysis or computation.
  • Cuantification, modelling and engineering of marketing campaigns.
  • Control, cuantification and modelling of the structure of stock markets.
  • New concepts on optimal strategies in games with socio-economical applications.
  • Predictive models of cultural competition and globalization.
  • Understanding of evolutionary dynamics of biological ecosystems with applications to environmental policies.
  • Efficient procedures to analyze inference problems and related questions.

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