The XII GISC Workshop was held on February 20th, 2015 at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. In this occasion, 34 members of the group attended the workshop, and 10 talks were given. A detailed program of the Workshop, its participants and the abstracts of the presentations can be found here.


  • Casimir effects and heat transfer between 2D materials, by Pablo Rodriguez (Université Paris Sud)
  • Brownian Carnot engines, by Luis Dinis (UCM).
  • Modeling paradigm shifts in cultural evolution, by Ignacio Pascual (UC3M).
  • Fluctuation theorems for quantum maps, by Gonzalo Manzano (UCM).
  • A Bayesian approach for T-cell receptor specificity, by Mario Castro (UPCo).
  • Neutral evolution and the acceleration of the molecular clock, by Jose Cuesta (UC3M).
  • Liquid crystal textures in 3D, by Miguel González (UAM).
  • Nonequilibrium free energy and the thermodynamics of information, by Juan M. R. Parrondo (UCM).
  • toyLIFE reloaded: dynamics on the multiplex, by Pablo Catalán (UC3M).
  • Living clusters and crystals from low density suspensions of active colloids, by Chantal Valeriani (UCM).