The XIII GISC Workshop was held on Jun 23th, 2016 at the Centro Nacional de Biotecnología (CNB), in Madrid. In this occasion, 31 members of the group attended the workshop, and 9 talks were given. A detailed program of the Workshop, its participants and the abstracts of the presentations can be found here.


  • Self-organizing cultured neural networks, by Irene Sendiña-Nadal (URJC).
  • Nonextensivity in classical inertial XY and Heisenberg models, by Antonio Rodríguez (UCM).
  • Cooperation survives and cheating pays in a dynamic network structure with unreliable reputation, by Alberto Antonioni (UC3M).
  •  Thermalization in isolated quantum systems: symmetry-breaking and quantum phase transitions, by Armando Relaño (UCM).
  • Clustering in monolayers of vibrated granular rods, by Yuri Martínez (UC3M).
  • The rhythm of urban social networks, by Esteban Moro (UC3M).
  • Bacteria in the UK, by Pablo Catalán (UC3M):
  • Nonlinear conduction in a disordered linear chain of quantum dots coupled to phonon baths, by Patrick Thiessen (UCM).
  • Fronts of compact bacterial colonies are not in KPZ universality class, by Rodolfo Cuerno (UC3M).