Our research focuses on quantum properties of ultra-small semiconductor and organic structures with the aim to investigate theoretically new, unusual and unexpected phenomena. In particular we are interested in structures that operate in the quantum regime where several exciting and still unresolved puzzles await their discovery. More detailed information about our research can be found following this link as well as in the list of publications.


From left to right: Elena Díaz, Natalia del Valle, Julio Hernández, Valentina Giorgis, Álvaro Díaz, Pablo Álvarez, Alberto Villas, Marta Saiz, Yuriko Baba, Ana Contreras, Francisco Domínguez-Adame, Fernando Martín and Andrey Malyshev (photo taken on 18th December 2017).

We are also members of the Interdisciplinary Group of Complex Systems (GISC), a research group whose main interest is the physics of complex systems applied to several fields (condensed matter physics, statistical physics, biophysics, social physics).