In a recent paper [New Journal of Physics 23, 083003 (2021)], Álvaro Díaz Fernández et al present a theoretical study of the effect of a single magnetic impurity in Weyl semimetals as a first step towards considering a larger number of point-like impurities. We find that resonances appear in the local density of states (LDOS) with a Friedel-like behaviour, oscillating as a function of distance. By studying the spin-resolved LDOS, they observe non-trivial and anisotropic spin textures where the spin components perpendicular to the spin of the impurity wind around the latter, until the spin becomes completely parallel to the impurity right at the impurity’s location. Friedel oscillations also play a relevant role in the form of the spin textures, forming an oscillatory pattern. They claim that the results can pave the way to further studies which consider the presence of a large number of random magnetic impurities.

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