PhD Thesis Advisor

  1. Elementary excitations in aperiodic systems.
    Enrique Maciá Barber.
    Universidad Complutense, 1996.
  2. Disorder and nonlinearity in semiconductor heterostructures.
    Enrique Diez Fernández.
    Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, 1997 (supervised jointly with Ángel Sánchez).
  3. Statitstical mechanics and applications in models of growth processes.
    Mario Castro Ponce.
    Universidad Complutense, 2001 (supervised jointly with Ángel Sánchez).
  4. Long-range interaction and correlated disorder in disordered Frenkel models.
    Antonio Rodríguez Mesas.
    Universidad Complutense, 2003.
  5. Electronic transport and localization in semiconductor heterostructures.
    Ignacio Gómez Cuesta.
    Universidad Complutense, 2003.
  6. Optical properties and transport in complex molecular systems.
    Elena Díaz García.
    Universidad Complutense, 2009.
  7. Electronic structure and transport properties in graphene and other nanoscopic systems.
    Mario Amado Montero.
    Universidad Complutense, 2011 (supervised jointly with Enrique Díez).
  8. Modeling of plasmonic and graphene devices.
    Javier Munárriz Arrieta.
    Universidad Complutense, 2013 (supervised jointly with Andrey V. Malyshev).
  9. Interactions, external fields and disorder in low-dimensional systems.
    Clara González-Santander de la Cruz.
    Universidad Complutense, 2013.
  10. Electronic and thermal properties of graphene nanostructures.
    Marta Saiz Bretín.
    Universidad Complutense, 2019 (supervised jointly with Andrey V. Malyshev).
  11. Reshaping of Dirac cones in topological insulators and graphene.
    Álvaro Díaz Fernández.
    Universidad Complutense, 2019 (supervised jointly with Elena Díaz).
  12. Quantum transport in Dirac materials under external fields and disorder.
    Yuriko Caterina Baba.
    Universidad Complutense, 2023 (supervised jointly with Rafael A. Molina).